Eliodoro E. Marasigan Foundation
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(Samahang Inicbulan Rizal - USA)

An organization based in United States to help our kanayons in the barrio of Inicbulan and Rizal, Batangas, Philippines.

Las Vegas Fund-Raising Trip - 2004
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SIR-USA members            SIR-USA ready to travel to Las Vegas

Inside SIR-USA bus to Las Vegas            Las Vegas fund-raising trip - 2004

Dinner Dance Party - 2005

Check-in at SIR-USA dinner dance            Junn Gamo and friends

Arnell & Maria Gamo, Virginia Marasigan & April Acu Marasigan and friend            Jollie and friend

Aleks & Sarah with Memeng and friends            Eliodoro Marasigan, Jr. and friends

SIR-USA dinner dance party - 2005            Other attendees at SIR-USA dinner dance party

Las Vegas Fund-Raising Trip - 2006

SIR-USA members 2006

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