How Do We Do it?

Aham Pathami is a No Cost Book Reading and Sharing Community in two cities of India – Gwalior & Ujjain.

Aham Pathami has following format of functioning –

Interested people have to register themselves through a google form and become a member of Aham pathami ( once & for all) .

Once they have registered successfully, we provide them an unique Member ID.

Aham Pathami conducts 2 sessions of book reading and sharing each month. These sessions are called ‘paksh’ and are named as Krishna & Shukl Paksh.

The first 15 days of each month come under Krishna Paksh and last 15/16 days come under Shukl Paksh and members can request one book each paksh.

The Books are requested in first two days of Paksh and returned in last two days of paksh. Re-issue option is available.

Every book in our stick has a unique Book ID and an easily scannable QR Code.

Contact Us   Shraddha: 8871602410 ; Akshat: 8871605088

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