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Bauan, Batangas

Bauan is a municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines, situated in the southern part of the province along the coastal area and lies one hundred twenty kilometers (120 kms.) due south of Metropolitan Manila accessible by a modern road network. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 72,604 people in 15,353 households. Bauan offers most of the advantages of an industrial location together with the more relaxed lifestyle of the country.

Map of Bauan, Batangas, Philippines

The town is strategically located in relation to transport routes to Cebu and other major seaports in the Philippines. Transport services are well developed and rates are competitive. Bauanís diverse industrial base indicates the availability of a wide range of services and commodities. The Bauan Region produces a wide range of agricultural raw materials and processed primary produce.

The people of Bauan aside from being traders are engaged in industries, fishing, agriculture, poultry, swine and large cattle raising. Women of Bauan are noted for their handicraft activities and the most popular of which are embroidery and dressmaking.

The leadership in Bauan is forward, looking unfettered by bureaucratic red tape and supportive of entrepreneurial efforts. The crime rate in Bauan is lowest in the entire Province of Batangas and there has been no strike in any of the industrial firm in Bauan over the last several years. The socio-economic conditions in Bauan and the surrounding areas are the principal deterrents to the spread of insurgency to this community.

The Bauan Region has a concentration of enterprises in wood, clothing and embroidery products, shipbuilding & ship repair and steel fabrications.


Bauan is composed of forty (40) barangays (including Poblacion), thirty-six (36) of which are classified as rural and the rest as urban areas:

   * Alagao
   * Aplaya
   * As-Is
   * Bagong Silang
   * Baguilawa
   * Balayong
   * Barangay I (Pob.)
   * Barangay II (Pob.)
   * Barangay III (Pob.)
   * Barangay IV (Pob.)
   * Bolo
   * Colvo
   * Cupang
   * Durungao
   * Gulibay
   * Inicbulan
   * Locloc
   * Magalang-Galang
   * Malindig
   * Manalupong
   * Manghinao Proper
   * Manghinao Uno
   * New Danglayan
   * Orense
   * Pitugo
   * Rizal
   * Sampaguita
   * San Agustin
   * San Andres Proper
   * San Andres Uno
   * San Diego
   * San Miguel
   * San Pablo
   * San Pedro
   * San Roque
   * San Teodoro
   * San Vicente
   * Santa Maria
   * Santo Domingo
   * Sinala

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